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Степашки Hamfest

Степашки Hamfest. Відкритий хемфест радіоаматорів Вінниччини 26-28 серпня 2016 р. пройшов в селі Степашки Гайсинського району. Він став 9-м за ліком та третій рік поспіль відбувся на базі табору "Ювілейний".
Кому цікаво, детальніше тут http://www.vinradio.ho.ua/page176.html
73! de UT0NN
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Worked All Europe DX Contest (WAEDC) SSB

Dear fellow contersters!

The WAEDC Contest Committee would like to invite you to the next round of the WAEDC Contest Season Number 62!

The SSB leg is taking place:  Saturday, September 10th 2016, 0000 UTC until Sunday, September 11th 2016, 2359 UTC


Please use this upload link for your 2016 WAEDC log:

http://www.darc.de/der-club/referate/dx/contest/waedc/   follow the upload link!

We accept cabrillo logs only!

The upload is active from the contest start till Deadline.

The QTCs are the bread and butter of this contest and all the competitive stations would appreciate to exchange QTCs for their score!

WAEDC Rules can be found here:

A WAEDC Webinar can be found here:

Also please join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WAEDC/

Good luck in the contest!

Hope to hear you on the bands.


Helmut Müller DF7ZS
(WAEDC Manager)

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VP6J Pitcairn Island

VP6J Pitcairn Island

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Nob JF2MBF and Ken JA2FJP will be active from Pitcairn Island, IOTA OC - 044, 25 August - 3 September 2016 as VP6J.
They will operate on 160 - 10m CW, SSB, RTTY.
QSL via JF2MBF direct, OQRS, LOTW.
Ads for direct QSL:
Mitsunobu Ichino, 4-16-7 Futamuradai, Toyoake, Aichi 470-1131, Japan.

VP6J News 26 August 2016

Yesterday morning (VP6) Ken and I landed.
We've put up 40-10m vertical, Cushcraft R-5 which I used on 23 years
ago as VR6BB/VR6JJ and 30m 2 elements vertical.
Above antennas are working well.

This morning we finished 160m inverted L.
Then we'll add 80m 5/8 wave length element and radials to the 160m
inverted L in the afternoon.

We hope to work as many as possible on both 160m and 80m.

73 de Nob, VP6J also VP6JJ, VR6JJ and JF2MBF

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